• St. Clair Shores Firefighters right a wrong
    Updated On: Mar 19, 2015

    ST. CLAIR SHORES, Mich. (WJBK) - "Free Cone Day" at a Dairy Queen on Harper ended with a group of girls helping themselves to the tip jar. They even posted it on Snapchat. But a group of firefighters decided not to stand for it. They had a surprise for the owner of the DQ.

    "We would love to make up for what happened," said St. Clair Shores Firefighter Anthony Porta.

    St. Clair Shores Firefighters showed up Thursday afternoon to replace the money and then some - stolen by that group of teenaged girls. The story gained national attention after the mean girls stole the tip jar and then bragged about it on the social media site Snapchat.

    "We just want to take an unfortunate thing and make it better for you. We love the fact that you guys are here, it brings the neighborhoods and communities together, it's great. So we scraped together some money," said Porta.  

    "It is not necessary just keep coming back as customers," said Liz Hope, owner of the Dairy Queen.

    Porta said, "You know we will."

    "We thought what a shame for this to happen on customer appreciation day, of all days, especially so close to the fire house and we all feel very connected to the community, we enjoy being a part of it, so we thought we'd try to pitch in and and help out anyway we could," Porta said.

    "I think it's great. I really do think it's great," said Hope.

    A tremendous act of kindness inspired by a crime that offended so many, not by the severity, but that the teens felt the need to celebrate it on social media. A quick-thinking customer was able to get a picture of the car the girls were driving in.

    With the help of the license plate, police were able to identify the owner of the getaway car and find out it was her daughter involved and after our story aired showing that infamous post on the social media site, guess what? The rest of the girls came forward.

    "Four of the other girls turned themselves in and wanted to talk about the crime and said it was a mistake. They were talking about the video they did post, they saw themselves, they are embarrassed. It was dare," said Det. Lucas Balch from the St. Clair Shores police.

    But as she mentioned from the beginning, Hope doesn't want to press charges against the girls, who could be looking at misdemeanor larceny, she just wants them to learn from their mistake.

    "I hope they do, I'm not planning on prosecuting. I just want them to learn and be better," said Hope.

    And now maybe learn from the kindness of others. Besides the St. Clair Shores Firefighters, Fox 2 learned that many customers who heard about what the greedy girls did, have been tipping big and donating what they can to show what this close-knit community is really known for.

    "This city will be known for good deeds rather than the unfortunate things that do happen," said Porta. 

    For more details, visit Fox 2 Detroit.

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